How to be prepared for the race

We interviewed some of the top cyclist on the Race event 2017 “UpTheHill”. They gave us some good advice what to do before the race.

The UpTheHill 2017 event was a beautiful day with lots of participants and a Wonderfull atmosphere. 20 cyclist were interviewed, Tips on what to do before attending to a race.

Tip 1: Eat healthy - follow your diet

It is important to follow your healthy diet. Avoid junk food. Your body should be energized with the proper nutrition through your training. It iOS important that you get the right energi.

Tip 2:  Be hydraded 

Drink a lot of water during your training. It is important that your body is hydrated. Since being dehydrated will affect your performance at the wrong way, you will become slower. Specially when the weather is very hot. 

Tip 3: Follow your training and your rest days

As important it is to follow your training it is also important for your body to rest. After training your muscle is dammage and needs rest to rebuild and become stronger.

Tip 4: SOS Snack

Always have some SOS snack on the race, when your blood sugar is down it is nice to have a. backup plan, either by behaving an energi gels or some protein bars. This would help you to get a lot of energi you need in a short period of time.




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