Spring biking event 2019

Do you feel prepared to the winter event? Here are some guides what to remember before the spring biking event

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Be prepared before getting on top of the maountain. Check your speed before rumbling over the wet armored section that make a tight right hand turn into a bridge. This trail is known for its flow. Butcher Ranch is the main trail for the classic Downieville Downhill. Use some caution in the corners here. Watch that you don't overshoot the switchback to stay on the black diamond descent - the blue route is completely overgrown.

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Just a few very small snow patches left on the connector to 38 Special. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Greens Lick is a machine built trail designed by Trail

Dynamics as a demonstration trail showing the forest service how eroded road beds could be converted to sustainable trail. after the jump you will enter the trail between two trees (fairly close together). after the jump you will enter the trail between two trees (fairly close together).

Find your strength, be prepared, be your best!

- Jason K.M.

Removable by hand saw. The decent to the upper Chimney Beach parking area is an amazing finish to what was likely a great ride with amazing views. This trail has big sized jumps in it, very fast and dry! Awesome with a couple really dry spots in corners. From there the trail stretches out and travels pretty fast into a big berm with a view out into the valley.

The route begins at the end of Quid Pro Flow and an intersection with Three Thirty Eight. Ridgeline is a crown jewel of Dupont State Recreational Forest. The area is mostly wooded but there are several places that offer spectacular views. Freeze-thaw cycle isn't awful, but does make this trail rather slick. Starts off flowy with some good jumps then gets into more technical rock gardens.

Clear and dry. Some of the densely covered trails are damp, but still rideable. I'm slow and a little chicken top hit some of the gap jumps but this was super fun. A long, long, did I mention long? Fire road that circles Mauna Kea. Fast and flowing with big jump options and some pretty crazy gap jumps.

Then it is a gradual descent or flat on to the end of the trail at Hickory Mountain Road and Hickory Mountain Loop. Or with only moderate climbing involved these trails can keep almost anyone interested for hours. Ridgeline is a crown jewel of Dupont State Recreational Forest. Lost Lake starts at its namesake trailhead. Do not ride when wet and not if you are not a skilled rider.

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